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10th Anniversary EditionWorkshop on
Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Ambient Intelligence (AITAmI’15)

Buenos Aires, Argentina - 25th July - 27st of July 2015

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Technical Program

Welcome to the Tenth edition of our workshop on Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Ambient Intelligence. Thanks to the joint effort of authors and organizers at IJCAI and AITAmI we have an interesting program which, we hope, will stimulate a fruitful interchange of ideas and lead to further developments in the area:

TimeActivities DAY 1
12:45 Lunch
13:45 Welcome
14:00 Invited Talk I by Pascal Poupart
14:45 Invited Talk II by Jörg Pührer
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Poster Session (5 posters)
16:40 Debate
17:00 Closing

Keynotes (1 hour each):

  • “Activity Recognition with an Instrumented Walker” by Pascal Poupart (University of Waterloo, Canada)
  • “Reactive Multi-Context Systems for Integrating Heterogeneous Knowledge Sources in Dynamic Environments” by Jörg Pührer (Leipzig University, Germany)

Research Papers (presented as posters):

  • “Person Identification using Door Accelerations” Person Identification using Door Accelerations by Rok Piltaver, Hristijan Gjoreski and Matjaž Gams
  • “Consumer buying metrics extraction using Computer Vision techniques” View paper by Juan Pablo D'Amato, Cristian Garcia Bauza and Eduardo Rinaldi
  • “Behavioural patterns from cellular data streams and outdoor lighting as strong allies for smart urban ecosystems”  View paper by Radoslaw Klimek, Leszek Kotulski and Adam Sedziwy
  • “A Qualitative Image Descriptor QIDL+ Applied to Ambient Intelligent Systems” View paper by Zoe Falomir
  • “Proposal for a intelligent and interactive architecture based in persuasion techniques to analyze the impact in power electricity consumers” View paper by Jonas Casarin, Fernanda Mota, Fernando Tolêdo, Robledo Castro, Eduardo Henrique Maciel, Silvia Silva Da Costa Botelho and Renato Ventura Bayan Henriques

The workshop is open to all members of the IE community. If restrictions in the number of participants apply due to room size preference will be given to participants who have an accepted paper and the rest of the participants will be selected according to background and order of registration.